Welcome to Our School!
Greetings and welcome to our site.  

Hello, my name is Cory Stringer, and I am the Instructional Leader for Pilot Station School.

Our school is part of the Lower Yukon School District, and we are located on the bank of the mighty Yukon River.  Pilot Station is a remote village accessible only by air, water, or snowmobile.  With only a few exceptions, the community is inhabited by Yupik Eskimos.  

A traditional, subsistence lifestyle is practiced by most of the residents.  You can still witness traditional Native dancing as a vibrant part of their heritage.  Pilot Station is a picturesque village with pine trees, rolling hills, and an astonishing view of the Yukon River and surrounding landscape.  Our school is a K-12 facility with approximately 175 students.  

A wide range of academic and athletic opportunities are available for our students.  Advanced classes are offered via video conferencing and students involved in extracurricular activities travel by way of bush planes to meet their opponents.  I hope you find our site informative and inviting.

Thanks for visiting!